Get to know us. Partner with us.

Twenty-three years ago, I moved to Pasadena, California with one goal – to study at Fuller Theological Seminary under Dr. C. Peter Wagner for the purpose of planting a church in Grand Rapids after I graduated.  It was a fruitful time as I studied under Peter Wagner, and ended up marrying his daughter, Rebecca! 

Rebecca not only fell in love with me, but also with the city of Grand Rapids and the vision to pastor a church committed to the restoration of lives and the community.  When we were married 20 years ago, that was the plan.

But life took many unexpected turns as two of our three sons were diagnosed with autism.   With the need to deal with the various aspects of our unforeseen situation, we had to put the idea of moving to Michigan and planting a church on hold for many years.

Looking back over those years, it now all makes sense.  The long season was a time of preparation and learning. But the time has come — Lake Effect has finally come to Grand Rapids.  We are a church committed to the hope and restoration of individuals and the community.

Every person, no matter their culture, asks one basic question:  Why was I put on Earth? Lake Effect Church exists to answer that question for you, your family and our community. Lake Effect’s mission is to help people know God, find freedom, discover purpose and make a difference.

At Lake Effect we foster an environment that allows us all to contribute, grow and push our gifts to achieve incredible things.  As we are transformed by Christ, we are able to change the culture outside of our walls.  Together we can make a real difference in one another and in Grand Rapids.

We hope you will consider checking us out.  God is creating a church that is creative, collaborative and fun.  We look forward to seeing you here as we worship where extraordinary happens!

It’s what we do together that sets us apart,

Jack Sytsema
Lead Pastor