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At 6:30-8:00 pm on the 2nd Tuesday and 5th Sunday of each month, Lake Effect Church will bring a chapel service to Mel Trotter Ministries that includes worship, testimonies, ministry time, and hospitality.

A person-to-person ministry with the goal of connecting the men and women of Mel Trotter to the men and women of Lake Effect through life-giving friendships based on encouragment and prayer.

When our new friends from Mel Trotter are able to attend Lake Effect services, our goal is to serve them by offering transportation solutions, and extending warm and friendly hospitality each step of the way.

Josh Eisen shares his testimony at Mel Trotter Chapel:

Pastor Jack shares the vision:


What is Mel Trotter Ministries?

Since it was founded in 1900, Mel Trotter Ministries has helped hundreds of thousands of homeless and hungry to find Jesus and restore their lives.  They work in both rescue (a first step to helping the homeless with a meal and a bed) and restoration (a temporary home for men and women to live during which time they deal with addictions, find housing solutions, go through job readiness training, receive medical and dental assistance and many other services).  They also have shelter services for battered women and families in addition to many other programs.  To learn more about Mel Trotter Ministries’ programs, please visit Meltrotter.org/programs.

Why partner with Mel Trotter Ministries?

One of the biggest challenges MTM faces is connecting the men, women, and families who are in or have gone through their restoration program to life-giving churches where they can grow in the Lord and develop life-giving friendships.  Through our partnership with MTM, we want Lake Effect Church to be a place where the love of Jesus shines through to anyone, no matter their background.

What is the chapel service?

MTM holds chapel services in the evening for guests of both the rescue and restoration programs.  Lake Effect’s services include a time of worship, testimony from a Lake Effect member, a time of hands-on prayer ministry by Lake Effect members, followed by fellowship which includes refreshments and socializing with MTM guests and attending staff.

Who will be at the chapel services?

A chapel service usually has about 50 men and women from the rescue side who are there for emergency shelter.  There will also be about 50 men and women from the restoration side who are participating in programs to rebuild their lives.  There will also be several MTM staff members who are there to facilitate both us and the guests in whatever way is needed.  We are hoping that there will also be 20 to 40 or more participants from Lake Effect Church.

When are the chapel services?

Lake Effect Church is responsible for hosting chapel service at MTM on the second Tuesday of every month, and the fifth Sunday of months with 5 Sundays (about 4 per year).  For a complete schedule as well as location, times, and other information about chapel services, please click here.

What is the Friendship Ministry?

The Friendship Ministry is for Mel Trotter guests in the restoration program who have requested a friend from Lake Effect Church.  Through communication with the Chaplain at Mel Trotter and Pastor Jack, those guests requesting friends are paired together.  The goal of this ministry is simply to develop friendships with those who are rebuilding their lives, and give them a connection so they will be more likely to attend church and church functions.

Could I be assigned to someone right off the street?

No.  This program is not for the rescue/emergency shelter guests.  This program is set up for those who have made good progress in the restoration program and are beginning to look at what their lives will look like once they successfully complete their stay at MTM.

What would and would not be expected of me if I participate in the Friendship Ministry?

This is simply a friendship connection to see how it grows.  Friends are there to:

  • Encourage and pray, and to provide a connection outside of MTM for those who are in the restoration program.
  • Ideally make one connection a week, whether it be a phone conversation or a face-to-face meeting perhaps in a public place or for coffee or a meal — just connect in some way.

Friends are not there to provide mentoring, counseling, financial help, court or government advocacy, or any such assistance.  All the “heavy lifting” of getting lives back on track is done through Mel Trotter Ministries.

How can I get involved?

Anyone is welcome to come to the chapel services.  If you want to come just to observe, no problem.  If you would like to know more or sign up to be involved in a particular aspect of this partnership, please fill out the form below.  Filling out this form does not obligate you in anyway. It merely expresses interest and a desire to be kept informed.

Interest Form

Is Lake Effect the only church partnering with MTM?

No.  There are eleven other area churches that have also committed to participating in partnership with MTM.

I have another question.

Please fill out the name, email, and your question or concern in the message portion of this form and we will contact you.

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Videos from Mel Trotter Ministries: