Seated in the Heavenlies

Part 6: The Mind of Christ9.3.2017

In this message, Pastor Jack Sytsema takes a look at Paul’s conditions as he wrote the Book of Ephesians. Through this process he shows how the Holy Spirit can change what’s on the inside and make it evident on the outside so we can operate in the mind of Christ.

Part 5: Testimony8.27.2017

We are treated to a wonderful testimony of how the Lord orchestrated a miracle.

No message notes available.

Part 4: Reconciliation8.20.2017

Based on the story of the woman at the well, Pastor Jack Sytsema takes a look at racism and discrimination, and asks the classic question, “What would Jesus do?”

Part 3: An Apostolic People8.13.2017

Pastor Jack Sytsema delivers an exciting and insightful message on what “apostolic” is (and isn’t), and why that is important to us as individuals, as well as to West Michigan and the fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Part 2: Baptism8.6.2017

Pastor Jack Sytsema talks about the importance of baptism — not just as a ritual, but as a significant event during which you can expect three significant things to occur that will propel you forward in your life.

Part 1: Seated in Heavenly Places7.30.2017

Pastor Jack Sytsema talks about what it means to be seated in the heavenlies with Christ, the vital role intercessory prayer plays in the lives of Christians, and shares the dramatic story of how intercession saved his life.