Cultivating Shalom

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Cultivating Shalom: Part 510.8.2017

In this message, Pastor Jack Sytsema shows some specific ways the enemy comes to rob us of our identity and our shalom — and how we can overcome!

Cultivating Shalom: Part 410.1.2017

In this message, Pastor Jack Sytsema gives an inspiring and hope-filled message about how God uses the difficult seasons and struggles of our lives to bring His peace and purposes to pass — and how our testimony of His faithfulness brings comfort and hope to others.

Cultivating Shalom: Part 39.24.2017

In part three of this series, Pastor Jack Sytsema shares how the enemy comes to cut ditches in our path in order to overtake us. This message focuses on cultivating shalom in our lives by learning to cross over those ditches in order to take our position with Christ.

Cultivating Shalom: Part 29.17.2017

In this message, Pastor Jack Sytsema continues to define “shalom” and what it means for believers, and then lays out three keys for cultivating shalom in our own lives.

Cultivating Shalom: Part 19.10.2017

Shalom. The Hebrew word for peace, wholeness, completeness, a state of being unbroken. Shalom is the sense of well-being that comes when brokenness is made whole again. In this message, Pastor Jack Sytsema talks about how the Lord desires to bring the broken pieces of our lives and hearts together in wholeness and help us to cultivate shalom.